Often when Liberty Williams talk to new clients they, will tell us the reason they are looking to change accountants, i.e if they want more help and advice from people and less of leaving voice messages or Emails that never get answered. However, clients always think it is hard to change accountants, but the simple truth is, it is easily done with great benefits and can be done with 3 simple steps.
  1. Let us write to your old accountant and ask for professional clearance 
  2. Sign our letter of engagement and monthly direct debit
  3. Let us handle the rest. 
Once these 3 steps have been completed, Liberty Williams will ensure the handover of data from your previous accountant, meaning the director can sit tight knowing they are taken care of.
If you feel that you Can benefit from a fresh approach to how your accountant can work for you to benefit you in the best way, by offering help and advice then Liberty Williams is the way.
At Liberty Williams we want to be your first port of call when it comes to advice and guidance, not the people you have to deal with the fines and the angry HMRC letters sent out at the end of the year, and then hit you with a big bill.

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