There a many different VAT schemes and at liberty Williams we can advise you on which one is best for your business. This is because at Liberty Williams we get to know the business and its directors before we start to do work for clients.  If you have properties, import and export, work with second hand goods or want to know if the flat rate scheme is best for you, then we can help. Liberty Williams can advise on how the VAT schemes will affect your business and making sure there is no knock on the door from HMRC.

Getting VAT wrong can be very costly to the success of a business, which is why all of Liberty Williams clients are given £125,000 worth of investigation insurance as standard. As part of our bookkeeping services we will plan, prepare and submit your VAT returns meaning that you can avoid the nasty fines and punishments for late filing.  Liberty Williams email clients at the end of the month notifying them of VAT due, this is the same even if we do not prepare the VAT return, Liberty Williams will send out a prompt to remind you.

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